I collaborate and provide support to undergraduate, graduate, medical students, and medical fellows and young research scientists interested in Global Health. Here is a list of some, current and past.

Kirsten Austad
Currently at: Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Global Women’s Health Fellowship)
Previously: Boston Medical Center (Family Medicine), Harvard Medical School
Project: Women’s Health/Family Planning/Cervical Cancer

Caitlin Baird
Currently at: University of Florida Dept of Anthropology (PhD program)
MS Project: The Evolution of a Perspective on Health: Intersectionality Theory in Academic Practice, 1991-2011
PhD Project: Child Stunting

Anita Chary
Current: Harvard Medical School (Emergency Medicine)
Previously: Washington University Medicine/Anthropology (MD/PhD anthropology)
Project: Programming for child stunting in rural Guatemala; cervical cancer in Guatemala

David Flood
Currently at: University of Minnesota (Med-Peds)
Previously: Harvard Medical School
Project: Peer support groups for type 2 diabetes in Guatemala

Vera Goldberg
Currently at: UCSF (Pediatrics)
Previously at: Harvard Medical School
Project: Quality Improvement in Community-based Malnutrition Programs

Miranda Greiner
Currently: NYC (Psychiatry)
Past: University of Kansas Medical School
Project: Education for type 2 diabetes in Guatemala

Nora King.
Currently at: University of Minnesota (OB-GYN)
Previously: Mayo Medical School
Project: Evaluating efficacy of lay midwives in Guatemala in provide rural obstetrical services

Boris Martinez
Currently at: Wuqu’ Kawoq (Postdoc)
Previously: Universidad de San Carlos
Projects: mHealth and obstetrical referrals; early child development in Guatemala

Claire Melvin
Current: Shearman & Sterling LLP
Past: Washington University Law School
Project: Developing women’s health education programming in Guatemala

Sarah Messmer
Currently at: MGH (Medicine/Pediatrics)
Previously: Harvard Medical School
Projects: Cervical cancer screening/STI treatment in Guatemala; Sexual Health Education in Guatemala; Detection and Treatment of Child Stunting

Jillian Moore
Currently at: Harvard Medical School
Projects: Palliative care in Guatemala, Gender, autonomy, and access to NGO services in Guatemala

Sarah Nelson
Currently: Duke University (Medicine/Psychiatry)
Past: Harvard Medical School
Project: Improving stunting through caregiver education in Guatemala

Meghan Farley Webb
Currently at: Wuqu’ Kawoq (Postdoc)
Previously: University of Kansas (PhD Anthropology)
Projects: early child development in Guatemala, food insecurity in Guatemala