Monthly Archives: March 2019

Three Great Rock Albums

Here are three great rock albums I’ve been listening to an repeat. Drenge – Strange Creatures Genre: Garage Rock Rating: 7.5/10 Listen here           Pond – Tasmania Genre: Psychedelic Rock Rating: 7/10 Listen here           Stats – Other People’s Lives Genre: Disco Rock Rating: 8/10 Listen here

Julia Jacklin – Crushing

Genre: Rock Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 7/10 Commentary: Mostly break-up songs, alternately defiant and sad, but not cliched, and sometimes pretty insightful. Simple vocals-forward production. It grows on you. More info: here. Listen: here.

Rapid Round March 2019

Falling behind – so here’s a rapid round! Claire Hastings – Those Who Roam Genre: Folk/Traditional Rating: 6.5/10 Listen here           Jay Mitta – Tatizo Pesa Genre: Unbelievable crazily fast world beat/dance Rating: 7.5/10 Listen here           Liszt – Sardanapalo & Mazeppa (Karabits/El-Khoury-Hernandez-Pushniak-Staatskapelle Weimar Genre: Opera Rating:… Read More »

Kaia Kater – Grenades

Genre: Folk/Country Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 7.5/10 Commentary: This album really caught me by surprise. It intersperses folk compositions with remarkably poignant spoken reflections on her family’s experience with violence and revolution in Grenada and subsequent immigration. These things are usually overdone, and this incredibly well constructed with good sense of pacing. In… Read More »

Siobhan McCrudden – Icarus Girl

Genre: Folk Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 8/10 Commentary: So far one of my favorite folk albums of the year. You have to listen to it a few times, but it grows on you. “Oh Little Red” is the standout. More info: here. Listen: here.

Sharon Van Etten – Remind Me Tomorrow

Genre: Pop Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 5.5/10 Commentary: More of the same from Sharon Van Etten. Sad songs about relationships and banal conversations with friends and former friends. Not her best. More info: here. Listen: here.