Monthly Archives: August 2017

Savage Sinusoid – Igorr

Genre: Baroque breakcore Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 5.5/10 Commentary: Baroque breakcore isn’t really a thing I don’t think, I just made it up. This album (and this band, which I didn’t know about before hearing this album) is so weird. A loose collection of experimental musical sketches that would benefit from feeling less… Read More »

The Navigator – Hurray for the Riff Raff

Genre: Folk Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 8.5/10 Commentary: This album is so wonderful. This is subversive folk music which is funky, angry, and outspoken. It’s about cities, and overcrowding, and immigration, and racism, and assimilation, and appropriation, and communitarianism. This is an album that celebrates the anti-fascist life. Turn off the TV, and… Read More »

Colter Wall – Colter Wall

Genre: Country/Folk Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 4/10 Commentary: This album is getting great reviews, but I disagree. Maybe in a different year, a different political climate, this kind of debut would be different. But, right now, it just feels mistimed and out-of-step. I don’t think we need more music right now that involves… Read More »

The Order of Time – Valerie June

Genre: Americana/Folk Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 5/10 Commentary: A blues/folk album with all the rough bits sanded off. Beautiful and melodic, but could be so much more than it is. “Astral Plane” is an amazing song, and the rest of the album feels like a missed opportunity. More info here Listen here.

Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem (LSO/Gergiev)

Genre: Choral/Orchestral Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 6.5/10 Commentary: This is not exactly a new recording (2014). But I’ve been doing a deep-dive on Ein Deutsches Requiem recordings this year. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews of the album on classical music websites, mostly claiming that Gergiev rushes the timing and tempo and… Read More »

Nightmare Logic – Powertrip

Genre: Thrash Metal Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 8/10 Commentary: Nothing ground breaking here. But an almost perfect genre album. Spotify tells me that I’ve listened to the title track at least 100 times this year so far. More info here Listen here.