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April Ambient and Classical Roundup

This might help with inner calm. Bach/Collegium Vocale Gent/Philippe Herreweghe – Johannes-Passion, BWV 245 Genre: Choral Rating: 6.5/10 Commentary: Bach’s other Passion. A nice recording. Listen here           Six Organs of Admittance – Companion Rises Genre: Experimental/Americana/ Rating: 6/10 Commentary: Vaguely Americana instrumentalism Listen here           dumama… Read More »

Black Royal – Firebride

Genre: Black/Doom Metal Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 7.5/10 Commentary:It has been a long week listening to bad death metal albums. But finally, this gem. Less of that twiddly tremolo guitar thing. Nice sludge/doom metal elements. A solid record to get you through the weekend. More info: here. Listen: here.

Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic

Genre: 1970’s throw-back Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 6.5/10 Commentary:So this is not Night Flight’s best album. But picture this: Swedish death metal band put’s together a parody 1970s’ rock side act, which is BETTER than every 1970’s rock act you’ve ever heard. It is heaven. More info: here. Listen: here.

Prince Royce – ALTER EGO

Genre: Bachata Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 7.5/10 Commentary:So generally I hate this Bachata genre. But Prince Royce is, as always, impossibly and compellingly good. More info: here. Listen: here.

Andras – Joyful

Genre: Electronic Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps Rating: 6.5/10 Commentary:Cheerful in the sort of thin and lonely way that makes me feel, well, better. More info: here. Listen: here.

March Rock Roundup

Here’s a buncha great rock albums. Wolf Parade – Thin Mind Genre: Synth Rock Rating: 7/10 Commentary: Everyone says this isn’t as good as their older, more indie stuff. But it is better. Listen here           …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – X: The Godless Void… Read More »

February Metal Roundup

So, just a lot of good classic thrash and power metal for you this month. Ironsword – Servants of Steel Genre: Power Metal Rating: 6/10 Commentary: Thoroughly enjoyable. Great for writing scientific papers [background music] Listen here           Ironflame – Blood Red Victory Genre: Power Metal Rating: 6.5/10 Commentary: Second great… Read More »

January Music!

First round for the year, and we are off to a great start! Grace Cummings – Refuge Cove Genre: Bob Dylan, basically Rating: 6/10 Commentary: What a great voice. Hopefully the next album will be slightly less directly from the Dylan playbook. Listen here           Saariselka – The Ground Our Sky… Read More »

Best Folk/Country Albums 2019

Here are my top ten. 10. Michaela Anne – Desert Dove Listen here               9. Dori Freeman – Every Single Star Listen here               8. Justin Townes Earl- The Saint of Lost Causes Listen here               7.… Read More »

Best Albums 2019

Here are the overall top 10 for 2019. 10. Gloryhammer – Legends From Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex Genre: Intergalactic Symphonic Metal Listen: here.             9. The Cranberries – In the End Genre: Rock Listen: here.             8. The Comet is Coming – Trust in The… Read More »