Current Hiking Set-Up (two person, 1 carries tent, 1 carries cooking system):

The Long Trail
Sept 7-12, 2020. A planned return through hike. Cut short by COVID-related travel issues. 117 miles.

Metacomet-Monadnock Trail
March 30-April 2, 2020. Mostly suburban, even hiking with a couple of good sections around Mount Tom and Mount Holyoke. ~100 miles of 114 mile trail (skipping some of the longer boring road walks).

Superior Hiking Trail
September 10-17, 2019. Very good hiking, many steep climbs, overall moderate difficulty as no climbs are very long. Unfortunately, this trip was truncated early at ~ 160 miles (Canada–>Split Rock) by an injury.

Metacomet Trail
April 29-30, 2019. Very good suburban hiking, many steep short climbs. ~ 60 miles. Connecticut/Mass Border–> Berlin, CT.

John Muir Trail
September 2-13, 2018. Great weather except for Whitney, which was unseasonably and brutally cold. ~ 210 miles. Happy Isles–>Whitney Portal.

Knobstone Trail
August 7-9, 2018. Careful water drop planning on this very dry late-summer hike. More poison ivy on this trail than it is possible to even imagine. ~ 60 miles. Deam Lake–>Delaney Creek Park.

Cohos Trail
September 4-12, 2017. Very wild trail, with lots of getting lost and wayfinding. ~ 160 miles. Crawford Notch–>Canada.

The Long Trail
August 3-17. Still the best and probably the hardest hiking trail in the United States. ~ 270 miles. Canada–>Massachusetts.