Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem (LSO/Gergiev)

By | August 8, 2017

71ltCgaer3L._SL1500_Genre: Choral/Orchestral
Format Reviewed: Spotify 320 kbps
Rating: 6.5/10
Commentary: This is not exactly a new recording (2014). But I’ve been doing a deep-dive on Ein Deutsches Requiem recordings this year. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews of the album on classical music websites, mostly claiming that Gergiev rushes the timing and tempo and undermines the majesty of the piece or something. It is definitely peppy but I kind of find that refreshing. There are plenty of slow, somber recordings of this piece, and so I like the contrast a lot. Also, the London Symphony Chorus here is amazing (not the soloists particularly) and the mastering lets that shine through.
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